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Cuisine lab is a community of locals and newcomers, sharing our love of food and cooking as a catalyst for intercultural exchange, personal growth, and integration. We emphasise sustainable practices through sourcing our ingredients locally, celebrating our community’s diversity, and building loving partnerships.

Through preparing and sharing meals together, cuisine lab celebrates the richness of our cultural diversity and traditions. We aim to build a stronger community one meal at a time. Even if you don't share a common language or culture you can start by sharing a recipe and meal together.

Our goals are:

  1. To work with asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Switzerland to provide them the opportunity to share their culture and cuisine and make meaningful contributions.
  2. To foster human connections between diverse nationalities in Geneva in a celebratory environment that facilitates interaction.
  3. To enable a compassionate local response to the global issue of forced migration.
  4. To provide multi-cultural affordable quality food experiences through culinary events.
  5. To facilitate economic opportunities for asylum seekers, refugees and associations that support them.

If you would like to read the statutes of our association, you can find them here.