Our Events


Cuisine Lab organizes many different types of events. From public community events, to intimate cultural celebrations, there’s something for everyone. Learn more about our Events below.

Pop-up kitchens involve refugee/asylum seeker chefs preparing a delicious meal that often includes dancing, games, or other cultural activities. This type of event is similar to going to a restaurant, except much more exciting! You can try new foods and meet people new to Geneva and participate in creating a tighter knit community. Tickets are sold in advance. The price of a ticket includes a lovely meal, a drink, and entertainment! The proceeds cover the costs of running the event and compensating the refugee/asylum seekers for their efforts.  

Social cooking events involve refugee/asylum seekers and other guests coming together to prepare a meal. There is a general theme chosen in advance and everyone attending must bring an ingredient that contributes to the preparation of the meal. Registration is required ahead of time due to limited space and to seek a balanced group.

Cooking classes involve learning to prepare new cuisines from an asylum seeker/refugee chef and then sharing the meal you prepared together. Tickets are sold in advance.  Proceeds cover the cost of the event and compensating the guest chefs for sharing their knowledge.

Invite chefs to prepare a meal or cater. If you are having a private event, consider having asylum seeker/refugee chefs prepare the food for the meal, cocktail party or just the dessert.  Not only will you have a chance to have scrumptious food, you will help facilitate new connections and livelihoods for them in Geneva.

Specially designed cultural experiences are where we design special experiences for organisations. These have included special events and which include interactive presentations and cooking experiences for the Family Business Network, presentation and cuisine for the World Trade Organisation’s Aid for Trade and a special dinner for team members of UNHCR. Our chefs from Eritrea, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka can prepare an unforgettable experience drawing on their traditions tailored to your needs.